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Aintree Plastics awarded the latest ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance & ISO 14001 : 2015 Environmental accreditation standards

Here at Aintree Plastics, extruders and converters of High Performance Quality Films and Packaging Solutions, we have just received notice that we have been awarded the very latest ISO Quality and Environmental accreditations. We are proud to have attained the very latest ISO 9001 : 2015 Quality and ISO 14001 : 2015 Environmental accreditations.

Quality assurance in the plastic packaging industry

Senior Sales Correspondent, Tim Welsh says…

“The quality and approach we take to help participate and improve the environment are key values and drivers for Aintree Plastics - we are very aware and mindful that our industry can impact on the environment, but we’re always undertaking research to better the processes and manufacturing of our plastic packaging.

Our commitment and desire to continually challenge our business to improve our quality and environmental standards and processes to meet the ever increasing demands of our stakeholders, customers and markets is at the very heart of our business. We’re family run, and we all have the same ethos, with our customers needs at the heart of everything we do.

With the necessity to continually look to improve our already outstanding customer service offering tailored polythene film solutions, by gaining the latest award of the two prestigious accreditations (as mentioned above), further cements Aintree Plastics as a consistent and reliable manufacture of polythene film.”

Aintree Plastics have been extruding and converting polythene films to the manufacturing, food beverage and retail markets since 1995 and have a myriad of regular customers of whom we have built superb long term relationships with. Not only do we supply our customers with the perfect packaging solutions, we’ve worked with them to produce and enhance our polythene films by interacting with them to innovate and manufacture substrates that are specific to their industries and applications.

Whether these products are materials for use in the building and construction industry, for the carpets and flooring sector, chemical companies, furniture manufacturers, glass container industry or manufacturing, we have the polythene product that you will need to help you in your business and will provide you with the packaging solution that you’re looking for. We also work with businesses from the plastics and compound markets and supply them with a range of technical and industrial films.

Packaging solutions for your industry

We get to know the sector we’re working with in order to produce and supply the correct polythene materials for their usage. Aintree Plastics has a formula for every type of packaging solution!

A selection of our applications include:-

Non-fusion pallet covers - the material fuses to the plastic goods when heat shrunk providing the perfect packaging solution for use with pallet goods transportation. Keeping loads safe and secure and less susceptible to damage.

Packaging films - strong, recyclable, low cost, bespoke polymers that can be coloured to suit client requirements. For use in the industrial, food and drink industry. These films are made under strict quality assurance procedures and meet the relevant ISO standards including ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and BRCGS Certification, which we are proud of.

Dolav liners - these products are supplied on a roll and can be torn off when needed to the exact size required. Mostly used in the food industry, these liners provide a clean and hygienic method of transporting different grades of food produce. These are created and compliant with the necessary BRCGS Certification.

Protection covers for the manufacturing industry - our films and single wound sheeting provide the perfect protection for the carpet and flooring industry and are used as a means of protection in the building industry, to keep floor clean from debris and dust, as well as providing a non-slip surface. The films are robust and strong and puncture resistant. Crucial for this type of business.

To view your full range of products, visit our applications page here.

Need a quick order turn around?

We offer a 10-14 day turn around which is very competitive in our industry. If you would like to chat with us about your needs, please call us on 0151 286 8800 or complete an enquiry form here.

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