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Aintree Plastics is BRCGS Packaging Materials Certificated

We are delighted to announce our recent successful audit for the BRCGS Standard for Packaging Materials.

We have achieved this certification in the category of flexible plastic manufacture, and the scope of activities includes the blown extrusion and embossing of polythene film supplied on the reel or converted into bags, for direct contact with food and non-food applications for the food and beverage industries.

What is the BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard?

The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard helps to demonstrate that we are providing products that are quality assured, legally compliant, and authentic.

The BRCGS Packaging Materials Global Standard is the first packaging standard to be recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). It is now in its 6th edition and has become the global industry benchmark. It is not only used by food packaging producers, but it is also used by producers of packaging for all applications across the supply chain.

Not only does the standard install confidence to suppliers in the food and drink industry, it also helps to reduce waste, as well as complaints, as the process that our polythene films undertake is improved upon to ensure that we meet the standard, which helps to ensure the safe and hygienic delivery of food and drink products.

Why become BRCGS Packaging Materials certificated?

As a company that supplies polythene films to the food and drinks industry, it is important for Aintree Plastics to obtain this certification. This helps us to supply market sectors that insist on BRCGS Packaging Materials certification, such as Food Manufacturers, Breweries, Soft Drink Producers and Meat Processors. It provides confidence in the supply chain and ensures full traceability and consistency of product.

It specifies the product safety, quality and operational criteria, so we can fulfil all our obligations, from legal compliance through to protection of the consumer. Independent research, carried out by the University of Birkbeck, demonstrates that organisations operating to BRCGS standards improve food safety, operational efficiency, commercial growth, improved profitability and broad-based innovation.

BRCGS Packaging Materials also helps us to adapt to changing market forces. Through continuous revisions, BRCGS helps to support the drive for sustainable and environmental-friendly packaging, changing packaging technology solutions, offline to e-commerce and direct to consumer, and the control of allergens.

Want to find out more?

If you are looking for an environmentally conscious manufacturer that is BRCGS Packaging Materials Certificated, then please contact Aintree Plastics today on 0151 286 8800, or email

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