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Embossed Polythene Film Manufacturer in the UK

We have been manufacturing Embossed Polythene Film since 1995 and are one of the UK's largest independent specialists in this product. We are continually developing our Embossed Films to further improve the performance and meet the film requirements of our customers.

What is Embossed Polythene Film?

Embossed Polythene Film is widely used in industry as a means of protecting substrates from movement whilst being in temporary contact with each other. The construction of the polythene film means that the embossed patterned surface provides a non-slip function, enabling interleaving products to be presented to manufacturing lines in the best possible condition for superior operational efficiencies.

Embossed Film can also be used as base sheets on pallets or stillages to help prevent movement of products such as sacks or bags whilst in transit, together with preventing ingress of moisture seeping from wooden pallets into the items bring palletised, so helping to avoid water damage.

Using customer driven research to further improve our product

We have recently worked with a major rubber processor to help improve manufacturing efficiencies by optimising the yield and functionality of the films supplied.

Aintree Plastics has been able to offer significant savings, both in terms of film usage and machine down time, which gives superb increases in film optimisation and offers an ideal cost effective packaging solution. We have been able to provide this insight by spending time carrying out research and development to find ways to improve our product, and we are recognised within the industry for our approach.

Can we help you in your business?

Using the very latest polymer technology and manufacturing capabilities, Aintree Plastics are specialists in the manufacture and supply of Embossed Polythene Films to a broad range of industries and we welcome the opportunity to discuss each customer's specific requirements. Why don’t you give us a call and compare our service, technical support and competitiveness to your existing polythene provider?

Our experienced and technically qualified Sales team will be happy to discuss your Embossed Polythene Film requirements, as well as talking through our products and ordering process. Contact us today by calling 0151 286 8800, or email

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