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Q&A with our Sales Administrator, Jennifer Lawson

We had a question and answer session with our new Sales Administrator, Jennifer Lawson, to find out more about her role at Aintree Plastics.

Hi Jennifer, please tell us a quick summary about your work background before working at Aintree Plastics.

I’ve previously worked in various administration roles across a number of industries, and also as a Student Services Officer in adult learning. I started work at Aintree Plastics in January 2021, and this is my first job in the plastics industry.

What is your current job title and what does your role entail?
My job title is Sales Administrator. I process orders, help to track production, and monitor delivery. I’m also working to establish a base of customers of my own, so I can step into a small sales role in addition to my admin responsibilities.

How does working at Aintree Plastics compare to previous companies you’ve worked for?
Very favourably. The office here has a great atmosphere and we all work very well together. Everybody is happy to help out where they can, and the support structure is impressive.

What is a typical day at Aintree Plastics like?
My day is mostly reactive, though there are some things that I do every day, such as tracking and registering production, producing the daily delivery manifest, and helping with any of our customers' requests. Other aspects of my job, such as order processing, happen as and when they are needed.

What are the most common questions you get from customers?
The most common question is, "how soon can you deliver?" We are well known for having relatively fast turnaround times when compared to the industry as a whole. Lately, we have also received a lot of questions about our various lines of recycled polymer.

What do you like most about your job at Aintree Plastics?
The people I work with and the standard of work we maintain. I am constantly impressed by how much Aintree Plastics works to innovate and provide creative solutions for all of our customers' requests. I feel like a lot has evolved even in the short time I’ve been here.

What are the biggest challenges in your job and the wider industry at the moment?
The biggest challenge is keeping up with the rate of business. Thankfully, it’s a challenge we are able to rise to, but every day is busy, and different. The looming plastic tax and relative scarcity of raw polymer on the market are another challenge we face right now. We meet regularly as a team to discuss the options and to keep our staff informed about the supplies and blends available.

What are your thoughts about plastics and their effect on the environment?
I think it is very unfortunate that plastic waste has become such an issue in the modern day. Plastic is an incredibly useful material that we cannot afford to lose, as it has many applications that cannot be fully satisfied by other materials.

A specific example is the move that many companies have made to eliminate single use plastic straws. Unfortunately, this has dramatically impacted the disabled community. Single use straws are the best option for many people with disabilities, and due to the issues with other materials, plastic straws can sometimes be the only option that is acceptable. Issues with other options can include the rigidity of glass/metal straws, disintegration of paper ones, allergy issues with plant or starch-based options, as well as the impossibility of fully cleaning and sanitising many reusable options.

I believe that the answer does not lie in outlawing plastic, but in providing alternate material options for those that can use them, while still making traditional plastic options available. Most importantly, we need to make strides in managing the disposal and recycling of plastic on a global scale, and work to eliminate the irresponsible practices that has led to the current situation.

What is Aintree Plastics doing to help the environment?
We have a large range of recycled blends that we offer to our customers. We ensure that the waste we produce is recycled, and anything that cannot be recycled is disposed of responsibly.

What is Aintree Plastics doing about the Plastics Packaging Tax?
We are maintaining a dialogue with our customers about the Plastic Packaging Tax, which comes into effect from April 2022, and we offer several blends to fulfil the needs of the new regulations. We have already posted about our Post Consumer Waste Trials, and these have been going very well.

Thanks Jennifer. We'll finish off with some non-work questions if that's okay. What do you like to do when you aren’t working, and do you have any hobbies or interests?
I live with two close friends and I enjoy cooking and writing. I’ve actually developed a small raft of hobbies over lockdown - most recently, I’ve became interested in cross stitch and book binding. I practice archery and have briefly shot competitively in the past. I’m also an avid reader, player of games, and watcher of television.

What is your favourite sport or sports team?
I generally pay very little attention to sports, but my favourite sport is probably figure skating. I officially support Liverpool FC, due to needing to pick a team, though I don’t actually care whether they win or lose, which is just as well this season! I also have some allegiance to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team, due to my friend’s ardent love for them.

What is your ideal holiday location?
Venice. I first visited Venice towards the end of 2019, and I’ve fallen deeply in love with the city. It is truly unlike anywhere else in the world, and I eagerly await my return there. I love travelling in general and have visited a good number of places. I would love to return to Stockholm, and I’ve always dreamed of taking a road trip through the USA. This winter, I will hopefully be visiting a friend’s family in Goa for a wedding, which I’m very excited about!

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