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Q&A with Sales Executive, Kevin Lewis

We recently sat down with our new Sales Executive, Kevin Lewis, to find out how his first couple of months at Aintree Plastics has been.

Hi Kevin, please tell us a quick summary about your work background.
I've been working in the plastics industry for over 20 years, and I was actually a customer of Aintree Plastics before I joined! I've always found Aintree Plastics to be a pleasure to deal with - very honest and friendly, and with an excellent reputation for the quality of their products.

What do you like most about your job at Aintree Plastics, and how does working here compare to previous companies you’ve worked at?
In my first couple of months, I have found everyone to be very welcoming, friendly, and super helpful. The team at Aintree Plastics all work towards the same goal, and each department is focused on playing their part in order to achieve this.

What do you do on a typical day, or week, at Aintree Plastics?
My role as Sales Executive is to find new business and build my own customer base. I have been working through the existing customer database and trying to find opportunities to quote for any new business. I’ve also been contacting potential customers in other industries that are known to use polythene.

What are the most common questions you get from customers?
The cost-of-living crisis in the UK is impacting all businesses at the moment, so most companies are looking to reduce costs wherever possible, but without impacting on quality, so this is a question that I'm often asked about.

How have things changed in the plastics industry since you began working in it?
The plastics industry has changed a lot since I started. The biggest change is the global demand to protect the environment. Public opinion on plastics has changed dramatically in the past decade, which has forced businesses to seek more eco-friendly packaging options.

What are the big challenges in the plastics industry at the moment, and how are Aintree Plastics tackling these?
The UK Plastic Packaging Tax, introduced in April 2022, is a big challenge. Fortunately, Aintree Plastics have some excellent blends which incorporate a minimum of 30% Post Consumer Waste but without impacting on the quality, and therefore avoiding the cost of this tax.

What are your thoughts about plastics and their effect on the environment?
I believe plastics play a huge part in everyday life and it's a fantastic product. The impact on the environment can be dramatically reduced through education and improved recycling facilities.

What is Aintree Plastics doing to help the environment?
We have some great blends which help businesses reduce their packaging and waste. EcoExel is a 30% Post Consumer Waste (PCW) blend that avoids the Plastic Packaging Tax completely. EcoXtreme is a high strength blend that is great for applications where PCW can't be used, so cost savings can be made through the reduction in thickness and volume of packaging, which is also great for the environment. Aintree Plastics also has an in-house recycling system which turns scrap polythene back into useable polymer, and which we now offer to our customers through our Waste Film Collection Scheme.

What are your hobbies or interests outside of work?
I enjoy travelling with my family, cooking/eating, and socialising with friends. I also play golf and enjoy going to the gym.

What is your favourite sport and sports team?
I am a huge football fan and support Liverpool FC. I still play twice a week as well as coaching my son’s football team.

What is your ideal holiday location?
Dubai – I love it! I also like Thailand and Greece, where the food is amazing.

What is your favourite food or drink?
This would have to be Thai food and a cold beer!

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