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Talk Money Week - Saving Time and Money for our Customers

This week is Talk Money Week, which aims to celebrate, showcase and promote improving financial capability. Here, our commercial director at Aintree Plastics, Paul Baylis, discusses how Aintree Plastics' exemplary customer service and value engineering solutions helps to save our customers money.

“Positive customer service is everything to us, and we strive to offer excellent service to all our customers. Clients from all sectors keep coming back to us for their packaging solutions because we provide exactly what they need with cost-effective solutions to save their business money.

“Keeping costs down whilst also securing and providing a premium product is a key consideration for any business.

“At Aintree Plastics we help our customers to reduce packaging spend without affecting the pack or film performance through our value engineering solutions, using high performance films.

“Our experienced and technically qualified sales team assists our customers to select the right pack or film for their requirements, providing tailored solutions for their business so they receive the best product at the best price.

“This ensures less product waste and less down-time for machines, as product rolls won’t have to be changed as frequently, which often creates the costly halting of production lines.

“All of this helps to reduce the amount of polythene film used, whilst also having a positive impact on reducing the carbon footprint.

“At Aintree Plastics, we are always doing our bit to help your finances, and help the planet.”

Aintree Plastics is a leading UK provider of polythene packaging solutions, and has supplied major brands with high performance films for a wide range of industrial, commercial and food and drink sectors for many years.

Get in touch to discuss how we can advise the best and most cost effective solutions for your business.

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