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What is a Non-Fusion Pallet Cover?

Do you work in an industry where it is important that pallet covers you use do not weld or fuse to your polythene sacks or products?

Discovering new and innovative films for your packaging requirements can be a game changer.

Presenting pallet loads in a safe and tidy manner can further help portray a professional image for your business, as well as showing your customers that you care about their product and the way in which it arrives at their premises.

At Aintree Plastics, we are always looking at new and innovative ways to develop our own products to help our customer needs.

Non-Fusion Pallet Covers from Aintree Plastics

Aintree Plastics has developed, in conjunction with their polymer suppliers, high quality Non-Fusion Film and Pallet Covers that offer superb performance in the packaging and transportation industry. The Non-Fusion Pallet Covers have been specifically designed to stop the pallet film welding or fusing to products that need to be heat shrunk and palletised when accompanying polythene sacks. 

How can this product your business?

Our customers use this palletising product in polythene sacks and take advantage of our non-fusion film to ensure the pallet film and the polythene sack do not stick or fuse together, meaning that the pallet cover can be removed without tearing the sack and spilling the contents – a must for produce or items that have the potential for leakage.

Non-fusion film can also be used in secondary and tertiary packaging applications within the drinks and beverage markets, where printed film is initially used to collate cans and bottles.  These packs are then further collated in larger packs with clear film. As mentioned previously, the clear non-fusion film does not weld or fuse to the printed film, retaining the integrity of the branded pack. 

Key facts about our Non-Fusion Pallet Covers

  • The Non-Fusion Pallet Covers are the perfect product if you don’t want your plastic goods to stick to heat shrunk plastic covers
  • We can also look to value engineer Non-Fusion Pallet Covers by using high performance polymers to reduce the thickness of the film without effecting its functionality or performance – saving money by reducing the amount of film used. Good for business and the Environment.

As well as providing stability and well-presented packaging for your products during transportation and storage, the Non-Fusion Pallet Covers can also contribute towards a secure load, making it more difficult for goods to be mislaid.  The covers can also protect goods from the elements.

Visit our page on Non-Fusion Pallet Covers here.

All in all, Aintree Plastics provide the perfect pallet covers for all manner of goods and products.

Please visit our website to find more about our products and manufacturing processes. We have the sought after BRCGS Certification as well as the industry recognised ISO 9001/2008, providing you with peace of mind that our company is committed to quality.  Our ISO 14001 accreditation also proves our commitment to the environment.

Another unique selling point of ours is our ability to process an order, having it out for delivery within 10-14 days. Why not give us a try before you place your next order. 

Call us today on 0151 286 8800 for an informal chat about our products, or please complete our customer enquiry form here.

Aintree Plastics, A Winning Formula.

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