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Commitment to the environment is a priority for our business and we are proud to be ISO 14001 Environmental Accredited.

Implementing this global standard means we constantly monitor our performance to ensure we comply with ever increasing and stringent environmental regulations.

This helps us build trust with our suppliers and customers, who are usually as concerned about environmental impact, with the their own regulations and standards to meet.

Biodegradable Films and 100% Recyclable Films

All of our films are 100% recyclable, so they can easily be returned back to their original state to be remade into polythene again. This has a positive impact on film usage and the environment, and helps to reduce carbon footprint.

We also manufacture Biodegradable films that break down under certain conditions of exposure to sunlight, moisture and oxygen to help with our commitment for a greener, more environmentally friendly world.

The outcome of this is we contribute and help to improve efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact across our product cycle and have a positive effect on carbon foot print worldwide.


EcoExel is a new and innovative polythene blend that contains 30% recycled polymers, and is therefore exempt from the Plastic Tax that came into effect on 1st April 2022.

Find out more about EcoExel.

Waste Film Collection Scheme

We have always focused on minimising production waste and increasing resource efficiency, and this has led to a decrease in the amount of plastic waste created as offcuts or surplus scrap. We operate our own on-site recycling facilities, and we now offer this service to our customers as part of our Waste Film Collection Scheme.

Find out more about our Waste Film Collection Scheme

Operation Clean Sweep

We are proud to have signed up to Operation Clean Sweep. This is an international enterprise, led in the UK by the British Plastics Federation, with the intent of reducing plastic pellet, flake, and powder loss to the environment.

Find out more about Operation Clean Sweep.

PRS Green Label

We are constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our waste, as all responsible companies should. As part of this, and in compliance with our ISO 14001 accreditation, we contribute to the long standing PRS circular pallet model. In recognition of this, and of our ongoing cooperation, PRS have recently awarded us with their Green Label.

Find out more about the PRS Green Label