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Bring a Pound to Work Day 2023 - Woodlands Hospice

Aintree Plastics are proud supporters of Woodlands Hospice and the fantastic work that they do. They are a registered charity that are dedicated to providing hospice care for the people of North Liverpool, South Sefton and Kirkby.

Woodlands Hospice are running a 'Bring a Pound to Work Day' fundraising initiative on Friday 3rd March 2023. Aintree Plastics will be participating in this event to show our support towards the patients, families and staff at the hospice.

We would encourage other local business to get behind the great work that Woodlands Hospice do, and taking part in this 'Bring a Pound to Work Day' is a great way to support them.

How to get involved

Friday 3rd March 2023 is the 'Bring a Pound to Work Day.' The day is open to all businesses, community groups and schools who wish to support Woodlands Hospice.

  1. Register your workplace, group or school by visiting the Woodlands Hospice website and contacting them using the 'Register Now' details.
  2. Woodlands Hospice will send you a 'Bring a Pound to Work Day' pack with posters, collection envelopes or boxes.
  3. Ask your colleagues, group members or pupils to bring in £1.
  4. On Friday 3rd March 2023, collect your donations and send these to Woodlands Hospice.

About the 'Bring a Pound to Work Day'

On Friday 3rd March 2023 Woodland Hospice hope to engage with as many workplaces, schools, and community groups as possible during 'Bring a Pound to Work Day.'

Regardless of the size of the team - 2, 20 or 200 - every pound counts! The day can be anything the community wish to make it - dress down day or cake sales - and there is an ideas sheet on the Woodlands Hospice website if you wish to make the day something more fun!

Woodlands Hospice would love some help promoting this initiative if you could please help in any of the following ways:

  • Share posts on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.
  • Can your organisation, family, friends, or networks support us in their workplace, school, choir, pub, walking group, football team?
  • Does anyone know if they can put a poster up in their local pub, post office, shop, or community hub?

Please see the poster below with a QR code, or for more information, please visit

If you people can share this with anyone in their network who may be able to help, it would be so appreciated.

Woodlands Hospice raised over £5,000 last year and they would love to beat that this year. Together we can. 😊

Woodlands Hospice Poster
Woodlands Hospice Poster - Bring a Pound to Work Day Poster - Friday 3rd March 2023
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