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Cost effective packaging solutions for bricks and tiles businesses

As a manufacture of High Performance Films, we are constantly looking at ways to help reduce the impact of packaging on the environment by offering yield saving films that are stronger, yet as durable, as the traditional thicker polythene shrink films.

Even though our high-performance films are extruded in reduced thicknesses, the film performance and load stability are not affected. They are strong, flexible and versatile. By using less film per pack, you are helping to do your bit in reducing carbon footprint by using less polythene film.

So, whether you have a small load of bricks or tiles to transport, or multiple loads for larger projects, using our films will ensure that the materials are safe and secure when in transit. When you have unloaded the films, simply dispose of the film within your site recycling centre, as all our films are 100% recyclable.

This can be demonstrated in the brick and roof tile markets, where Aintree Plastics has worked extensively with polymer suppliers to develop thinner shrink films to cost effectively package bricks, tiles and blocks. In doing so, we have not encountered any adverse effects on the film performance, puncture resistance, functionality, or safety of the film in transit.

We appreciate that functionality of the films used in this sector is crucial, and we’re confident that once you’ve tried our polythene films you’ll see that we understand the market and your requirements. Our current customers have significantly reduced their polythene film usage whilst also helping to contribute to their carbon footprint targets.

Different types of films for your construction company

We have a number of polythene films that suit different types of construction businesses.

Environmentally friendly polythene film

All of our films are 100% recyclable, which helps to contribute towards a cleaner and more environmentally friendly ecosystem. We would invite you to review our environmental policy on our website to be assured that our polythene films are in keeping with the current ISO 14001 Environmental Accreditation.

Our products are continually monitored to ensure that we are complying with the stringent regulations and standards in the industry. We are a member of the industry leading trade body, the British Plastics Federation (BFP), and we are very conscious of our responsibilities. We want to give our customers peace of mind that the products we manufacture and develop for the construction industry are produced with the environment in mind.

As well as manufacturing 100% recyclable polythene films, we also produce biodegradable films that are deconstructed under certain conditions (such as moisture and sunlight), contributing to a greener environment.

Best polythene films and great customer delivery

Orders can be placed and delivered with a 10-14 day timeframe, and we pride ourselves on this. Our business has grown over the past 25 years through superb customer service and support.

If you would like to take advantage of this fast turn-around in our industry, give us a call today on 0151 286 8800.

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