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How we can help with the Plastic Packaging Tax

In 2017, and following public pressure, the Treasury announced that it intended to look into ways of reducing the use of single-use plastic packaging through taxation. In the 2018 Budget, it announced the Plastic Packaging Tax.

This is a new tax that applies to plastic packaging that is produced in (or imported into) the UK that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic, and it is due to come into force from April 2022.

The intention of this new tax is to provide a clear economic incentive for businesses to use recycled material in the production of plastic packaging, which in turn, should stimulate increased levels of recycling, so diverting waste away from landfill or incineration.

This should be good for the environment, and at Aintree Plastics, we have been committed to operating in an environmentally friendly way for many years through the production of recyclable films, biodegradable films, and high performance films that result in improved yields and less waste.

Since the announcement there have been ongoing discussions with the relevant government bodies, the British Plastics Federation (of whom we are a member), and other leading plastics industry representatives.

As expected, there are still many practical points to clarify, including how the process will operate on a daily basis. These discussions have taken on somewhat less importance over the preceding months due to COVID-19 and the end of the Brexit transition period of course, however, these have now started to ramp up once again.

How to workaround the Plastic Packaging Tax

At Aintree Plastics, we are conscious of how quickly this time frame will be upon us, so with this in mind, we would like to offer our services to discuss the ways in which our customers can look to negate or reduce this tax implication.

The process may not be easy as there are still many challenges to overcome, together with some potential compromises having to be made with regards to product performance and product appearance, due to the level of recycled material that needs to be used. We have been using our Value Engineering experience to work with our customers to develop new blends that are suited to their applications.

We have been in close dialogue with all the relevant parties involved since the Plastic Packaging Tax was first announced, so we can update our customers about any relevant changes that may affect them, as well as the options that they have available.

Contact our Sales team for advice

Our experienced and technically qualified Sales team will be happy to discuss the current situation and how we can work together on this.

If you would like some advice or assistance, please do not hesitate to telephone us on 0151 286 8800, or email

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