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Plastics and the environment

As a major manufacturer of polythene we think it's important to explain what we are doing to improve efficiencies and reduce the environmental impact across our product cycle.

Aintree Plastics products are 100% recyclable

All of the embossed polythene films, technical films and packaging films that we produce at Aintree Plastics are all 100% recyclable. We work with material suppliers to review the different types of polymers available, that are both sustainable, recyclable and are still great performers for our customers. 

Aintree Plastics is ISO 14001 Environmentally Accredited

The achievement of the above ISO accreditation shows our commitment to continually monitor our performance in relation to the ever-changing environmental regulations surrounding plastics.  This shows our own customers that we care about the impact our products may have on our environment and proves our dedication to being environmentally friendly.  You can view our ISO 14001 certificate here.

We are proud members of the BPF Plastics and Flexible Packaging Group

To maintain our commitment to reducing the impact of our plastics on the environment, we are members of the BPF Plastics and Flexible Packaging Group.  The aim of this group is to sustain a track record of reliable services and to meet the highest possible standards in plastic manufacturing.  Examples of initiatives undertaken by the group include surveys relating to consumer attitudes towards plastics packaging and outreach with local authorities to appraise them of the positive environmental impact plastics can have.

Sustainability within the plastics packaging industry

Aintree Plastics continually strive to identify opportunities to improve our own manufacturing efficiencies.  We work with our raw material suppliers to continually evaluate new polymers that lead to higher yielding films without affecting its functionality or performance.  During our own manufacturing process, we are constantly evaluating our work flow to look to improve efficiencies, to further eliminate waste and improve and sustainability.

As an extruder and manufacture, we recognise the impact that the products and manufacturing process can have on the environment and the subsequent responsibilities we have to our employee’s, our customers and the community to recycle and reduce waste levels.

Plastics are essential for commercial and industrial packaging

Plastics are a necessity and crucial part of the larger commercial and industrial packaging processes and without them, produce and materials would be cumbersome and likely to break. It’s an essential part of the industry, and if you think about the number of products, including bottles etc. that are imported and exported around the world, without plastic packaging being available, the overall consumption of packing mass and emissions would increase. The use of plastics also has many other advantages relating to transport and waste. Visit the BPF website to read more on this.

Key facts

  • All of Aintree Plastics film is 100% recyclable.
  • We are constantly working with key raw material suppliers to use the latest High-Performance Polymers to help reduce film thickness without affecting its functionality or performance.
  • We are very proactive in helping customers to reduce their packaging usage through value engineering, helping them to meet their goals and objectives within their own environmental policy.
  • Our in-house trim waste is fully recycled within our manufacturing process, reducing waste and having a positive impact on the environment.

Aintree Plastics – A Winning Formula. 

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