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Dolav Liners for food processing and manufacturing

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Are you looking for the right Dolav liners for your food manufacturing business?

Do you work with meat, poultry and fish? Do you need a hygienic and tried and tested method of ensuring that you are able to transport and pack your products safely? Perhaps you work in the baking industry and need to separate and store your ingredients in a protective manner?

Dolav liners from Aintree Plastics are produced using the highest quality film, are BRCGS Certified and the perfect solution to your food manufacturing and processing needs.

Background to Dolav Liners

Aintree Plastics has had significant success in developing its Dolav Liner range, working with polymer manufactures and also customers to ensure that they receive the highest quality film liner for their food processing applications.

The Dolav Liners here at Aintree Plastics come supplied on a roll, in numerous colours (which helps to identify products) and can be torn off as and when needed, saving waste. The Dolav Liners are BRCGS Certified and are environmentally friendly, and can be recycled.

The liner has been made with the food manufacturing and processing in mind, and can be used in conjunction with the Dolav container, plastic bucket and drum. The liner keeps food products from contact with these vessels, allowing for an extra protective barrier.

The Dolav Liners also help with auditing within the food industry and ensures full traceability of raw foods within the manufacturing process.

The importance of BRCGS Certification in the Food Industry

As well as having our own rigorous internal standards and procedures, we also have BRCGS Certification. This means that our applications and processes are approved to the international food grade production standard – something we are very proud of.

This accreditation also gives our customer the confidence that the products they purchase from us are of a high standard, and this in turn helps us to build and maintain customer relationships.

Would you like to be rest assured that your food or drink storage/transport business is safe and protected?

If you work in the food manufacturing industry come and view our web pages here for more information and to see how much experience we have working with your line of business.

You can also view our dedicated page for Dolav Liners here.

Delivery and Order

Aintree Plastics has been working in the food manufacturing product and applications industry for 25 years, and are proud to be BRCGS Certified as well as having achieved ISO 9001/2008 and 14001, which are recognised quality certifications meaning our internal processes are of a very high standard. You can view more about this certification here.

Dolav liners can be supplied in single form or perforated on the reel. We guarantee that we can work with you to have your order processed and usually delivered within 14 days of order. Come and give us a try!

Please complete our contact form should you wish to receive a call back from a member of our team, or would like to enquire further about our Dolav Liners or any other products from Aintree Plastics.

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