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Read all about it - Aintree Plastics the leading film pack supplier for Sunday supplements

Ever thought about the mailing films used on your Sunday newspaper supplements when you are having a relaxing weekend breakfast read? As the UK’s leading high-performance plastic manufacturers of polythene packaging and wrapping films, Aintree Plastics extrude and manufacture vast quantities of mailing film packs for the major magazine mailing houses, including those which print your Sunday Supplements.

Packaging films

Aintree Plastics’ films portfolio, for a wide range of wrapping and packaging applications and uses, includes high performance embossed polythene films, bespoke films, and technical films, all made using the latest polymer technology.

Green credentials

With Aintree Plastics being at the forefront of environmentally-friendly green technology, we extrude bio-degradable mailing films, meaning our range of polythene film packaging can be easily recycled.

We are proud to be ISO 14001 Environmental Accredited, to help and support the environment, and aid customers in reducing their company’s carbon footprint.

The best product at the best price

Aintree Plastics specialises in offering our customers custom, value engineered solutions, providing the best products at cost-effective prices, helping companies to reduce their packaging usage without compromising the film quality, improving their cash flow.

Customer Care and Solutions

Lead times are at the forefront of our Customer Service, with a typical 10-day delivery from receipt of order, providing quick ‘just in time’ delivery so you don’t keep your suppliers waiting.

Our sales team has a multitude of experience to help you choose and select the best formats and materials for your requirements.

Contact Aintree Plastics to see how we can help and support your mailing business.

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