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Aintree Plastics is a Carbon Neutral Business

Aintree Plastics is delighted to announce that we have been certified as a Carbon Neutral business for 2022/23 by Carbon Neutral Britain.

We take our environmental obligations extremely seriously, and we have proven this through a number of initiatives and accreditations over the years:

We are always looking to further reduce the environmental impact across our product cycle in order to have a positive effect on our Carbon Footprint, and we have now taken this to the next level by becoming a Carbon Neutral business.

To become a Carbon Neutral business, we have worked closely with our partners at Carbon Neutral Britain, who are experts in calculating and verifying carbon usage to both ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards, to quantify, monitor, report and verify our greenhouse gas emissions.

Carbon Neutral Britain have measured the Carbon Footprint from all our activities, and this is measured in tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (CO²e). They have advised us about reducing our carbon emissions by as much as possible, and we have then offset our remaining Carbon Footprint by contributing to tree planting and other carbon offsetting projects in Britain and around the world that reduce the amount of CO²e in the Earth's atmosphere.

The overall result of this process is that Aintree Plastics is now a Carbon Neutral business.

Who are Carbon Neutral Britain?

Carbon Neutral Britain is a UK Carbon Offsetting Initiative that was founded in 2020. They help British individuals and businesses make an impact on climate change.

They tackle the climate change crisis by educating and providing voluntary carbon offsetting to all - for individuals, charities, and businesses of all sizes.

To date, their projects have offset over half a million tonnes of CO²e, and planted over 3 million trees, which helps to stop climate change and provides essential forest habitats for endangered wildlife.

Want to find out more?

If you want to work with an environmentally conscious manufacturer of polythene films that is a Carbon Neutral business, please contact our Sales Team today on 0151 286 8800, or email, and they will be more than happy to assist you.

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